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It is vital to provide financial protection for you and your financial dependents should the worst happen

Insurance & Protection planning is here to help safeguard your income and your wealth during the course of your life as well as protecting your family’s lifestyle in the event of a death.

Health related protection plans have many ways to protect your finances; this can include providing a replacement income in the event of you being unable to work due to illness or an accident or alternatively providing a lump sum benefit in the event of being diagnosed with a serious illness.

You can also safeguard your dependents by making sure they will be looked after financially in the event of your death through a Life Assurance policy, this can be used to repay any outstanding debts including Mortgage(s) or provide an on-going income or lump sum to financially support your dependents.

There are many forms of life assurance and health related Protection plans, choosing the right one(s) for you can depend upon a number of factors including tax, cost and the protection required.

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